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My sleep work is holistic in nature, utilising a range of approaches and methods as well as looking at the issue from different angles. Below are some suggestions and links that you may find helpful.



A form of natural medicine that can help with many aspects of physical and emotional wellbeing. I find that anxieties; birth or early years trauma; communication issues; digestive complaints; illness and vaccinations, to name a few, can all interfere with good sleep. Homeopathy delves into the specifics of the individual to reballance body and mind and is certainly worth investigating if you feel your little one is out of sorts or has a specific issue that you can't seem to remedy. Find a homeopath close to you and find out more about how they can help. I personally worked with my local homeopath Wenda Holland (based in Ashford and Hythe, Kent) and she has worked wonders with my son. Find out more about Wenda's practice on her website here.


Baby Massage






Your Child's Tears



Food Intolerances

If you suspect that your child has digestive issues then it is worth seeing your doctor or pediatrician to discuss the possibility of food allergies and intolerances. These may present very early on or may develop as you introduce new solids.







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