Sleep tight Baby infant and child sleep consulting - services

I'm based in Kent, in the UK, but my Sleep tight Baby support packages are available internationally via phone, email and Zoom. Please contact me to check availability and find out more. 

One hour phone or Zoom consultation


A one hour consultation following detailed analysis of your child's sleep history and current sleep log (returned to me in advance of the consultation). During the consultation I will provide explanations for why your little one is struggling with sleep and a comprehensive sleep plan for you to follow. By using the free Zoom software we can record the conversation so that you won't need to worry about taking notes or forgetting any steps. Suitable for children aged 0 months to 5 years. 

Sleep tight Baby

Add follow up support

Many parents find it much easier to follow the sleep plan if they have my support along the way. I can help to answer any questions; alleviate any worries and adapt the plan as necessary depending on how your little one responds. This means you can feel confident that everything is going to plan and that you'll soon be getting the sleep you all need. Support can be via phone, text or email and the time can be used as and when you need it within 6 weeks of purchase. 


Add on support time (you can always add more later on if you need to):

1 hour £40 



30 minutes £25 

Expecting parents


This Sleep tight Baby support package is designed for expecting parents. The aim is to help answer your questions about your new baby's sleep and to provide you with written guidence for the first few months so that you can develop happy, healthy sleep habits for your child. 

Sleep tight Baby
  • Analysis of your expectations and questions document 

  • 1 hour phone/skype call to discuss your questions document and to talk about what to expect in terms of sleep during the first few months of your baby's life

  • A personalised written document consisting of the answers to your questions, information on why babies sleep the way they do, and guidence on how to very gently help your baby develop good sleep habits over the first few months

This Sleep tight Baby support package is designed to provide bespoke parenting support and guidance to get you through those tricky ages 2-4 years. If you're having trouble managing your little one's behaviour and emotions then this support package is for you. I can help you have a happier and calmer relationship with your little wild thing!

Tricky 2s and 3s parenting support


  • Analysis of your specific situation and concerns

  • 1 hour phone/skype call to discuss explanations for your child's behaviour and ways to cope and manage 

  • A personalised written document to provide you with all the tools you need to deal with those tricky behaviours 

This 90 minute webinar is designed for parents of 4-22 month olds with bedtime/nights/naps struggles. I will talk you through how I create holistic sleep plans for my clients one step at a time. There will also be time for individual questions and trouble shooting too. By the end of the webinar you will have the tools to be able to figure out the reasons why your child is struggling with sleep and then be able to apply my methods and techniques to create your own step by step sleep plan. Having a sleep plan will give you the confidence and motivation to be able to work on improving your little one’s sleep in a focused and consistent way, without feeling overwhelmed. There’s no controlled crying or leaving your child to cry it out alone and I’ll be giving you tips on dealing with tricky phases like sleep regressions and dropping naps too. If after the webinar you feel that you’d rather not go it alone then you’ll be entitled to 10% off my consult prices as a thank you.

Only £20 per family (single login), the webinar will be conducted via Zoom and the recording will be accessible for all participants for the next 4 weeks. Please note times are UK (GMT). Max numbers of 15 to allow for questions.

Please email me to find out more or to secure your spot. 

The above fees apply to single children only. Please enquire for details regarding fees for twins or siblings. 


I also offer group mentoring sessions and bespoke packages. Please enquire for more details.


Sleep tight Baby's prices are subject to change. 


I am a qualified child and maternity sleep consultant, however I am not medically trained. Parents/carers should check with their child's GP or pediatrician before embarking on any sleep training, including night weaning. If you have any concerns about the health or wellbeing of your child please contact a medical expert. 


Please read my terms and conditions before purchasing any of the above packages


Please note that my sleep plans and support documents are copywrited and for the specific use of the client for whom they are written.