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Sleep tight Baby infant and child sleep consulting  - about me

This is me, Rebecca Petley, founder of Sleep tight Baby, UK. My first little one wasn't much of a fan of sleep to say the least. Daytime was difficult, nights were endless. Some days it was almost impossible to cope with the sleep deprivation. In hindsight, I wish I had sought help, but at the time I was concerned that I may not be listened to and that my own views on parenting would not be taken into account. I understand that being a parent can feel overwhelming at times, but I do know you are the expert when it comes to your own child and it is important to me that you feel listened to. 


Poor sleep is a complex issue and often very tricky to solve when you are tired and trying to make sense of conflicting advice. Each child and family is unique.  My priority is to gather as much information as I can from you before creating and supporting you through a bespoke step by step plan that fits your baby's temperament and your parenting philosophy.

I now have 3 little beauties and guess what? None of them have been natural sleepers - lucky me! 


Please contact me to find out more about the holistic support I can offer your family.

Sleep tight Baby

I am a certified IMPI Maternity and Child Sleep Consultant. This means that I have developed the skills and knowledge to support each family in a holistic, personalised and respectful way. My Sleep tight Baby approach is not one size fits all and I don't believe in leaving your child to cry it out. I also offer advice and guidance on kind and respectful parenting through the tricky twos and threes. 


I have a 1st Class degree in Psychology, with a focus on child development. Prior to retraining as a sleep consultant, my background is in education and research child psychology. 

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