Sleep tight Baby infant and child sleep consulting - testimonials

Every child is different. This means that the plan and support that I provide for each family is unique. In some cases the process is quick and fairly easy, in others it takes some time for the child to adjust as we ensure that the methods and tools we use respect the child's needs and emotional wellbeing. 


It's so important to me that you have confidence in your plan and the support that I can give you, so have a read through the comments from some of my clients who were once sleep deprived and exhausted too before they contacted Sleep tight Baby. 

Mum of newborn Zander, Gloucestershire


When I first spoke to Rebecca I fully believed I would have Zander in bed with me until he was going to school!! Rebecca made me realise I wasn't alone and that change was possible...I really don't think I could have got through it without her.

Mum of Riley, Kent


My child went to sleep in his cot on his own and slept for 11 hours. A statement that just a few months ago I thought I would never say but with the invaluable help of Rebecca this is now the truth. Keen for a 'no cry' solution Rebecca tailored a sleep coaching approach that provided limited stress and minimum amount of tears. Always quick to respond to any questions or 'cries for help' Rebecca was always at the end of the phone. Cannot recommend highly enough. 



Mum and Dad of Alba, Dundee


Sleep tight Baby's advice and support has been incredible and has changed our lives. 


With Rebecca's help we managed to teach our baby how to sleep, something that we never thought was possible.



Mum of Jack and Nina, Dorset


Rebecca was supportive, easy to communicate with and always available to talk to whenever I had any concerns. She was flexible and patient with what was going on with me and was open to my input. It was great knowing there was someone else there to help and see things with fresh eyes. When you're exhausted it's so hard to see how you can do things differently but with just a few simple changes Jack now sleeps through the night and I get to sleep!


Mum of Rudy, Kent


Having not slept for 12 months, sometimes up 15/20 times a night I thought I was never going to sleep again. Meeting Rebecca and her calm caring approach to our situation made me feel reassured and not a failure that other methods I had tried hadn't worked. She stood by me and talked me through every single challenging and successful stage. I can honestly say she has changed our lives because our child now sleeps from 7-7 and is a content little boy with happy parents, and for that I will be forever grateful. Thank you very much.xx 

Mum of Poppy, Bristol


My baby and I were guided through a kind and gentle sleep coaching approach, that was lovingly customised to consider my whole family. I felt thoroughly supported and reassured on a daily basis. My baby was sleeping through within 3 weeks and has done ever since. I am eternally grateful.