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Are you looking for support with your 2-4 year old's sleep but 1:1 isn't in your budget right now? This Master Class could be just what you need.

Suitable if you have a 2 (or 20 month old plus in many cases)-4 year old who has 1 or more of these struggles:

  • Struggling with bedtime (but you're not rocking or feeding to sleep)

  • ​Struggling with anxiety at bedtime and/or needs you in the room to fall asleep or settle

  • ​'Messing around' at bedtime and creating chaos!

  • Waking in the night and needing you

  • Waking early in the morning


You can choose between the Stand Alone Course with over 90 minutes of expert video content. Accessible straight away (video links to your inbox) and for as long as you need it.

Or choose the VIP Course with all of this PLUS a 30 minute follow up call with me to go through your specific questions or sticking points (bookable with me directly via email, within 2 months of course purchase date). 

2-4s Master Class

PriceFrom £40.00
  • over 90 minutes of expert video guidance split across 4 sections:

    • The foundations of sleep including sleep environment, schedules, nutrition, naps, routines, triggers for sleep troubles

    • Emotional wellbeing and boundary setting (this is a big one for this age group and will help you in all aspects of your child's life, not just sleep)

    • My gentle sleep toolkit where I explain ways to help your child settle to sleep and sleep through the night calmly and happily with no controlled crying or cry it out

    • Bumps in the road (tips and tricks for illness, travel, sleep regressions etc.)

  • Upon purchase you will receive an email with your video link. Please allow up to 12 hours for the link to be sent through and check your spam folder if you don't see it arrive.

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