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I haven't always been a sleep consultant...actually it hadn't even crossed my mind before I had my child. Previously I worked in research (developmental and social psychology and education) and teaching (primary, secondary and adults) however, I've always loved my sleep; 10 hours a night if there was nothing good on TV, perfect. So what if I could never make it through a house party without curling up on the sofa for a snooze :) Then I got pregnant and sleep went downhill. Then I was in labour for 2 days and sleep went out the window. Then I had an extremely sensitive, high needs baby with colic, acid reflux, cows’ milk protein intolerance, tongue tie and feeding difficulties and a very strong startle reflex. He was instantly the love of my life but in my shell shocked state (that lasted for months!) I wondered what on earth had I done to my life! After 4 months of very little sleep (even by normal sleep standards) I considered contacting a sleep consultant and actually came across one at a baby fair. I explained my situation and she told me very sternly that my child would never sleep if I continued to give him his dummy...and then all I heard was blah blah blah. This lady came across as harsh and judgemental. She hadn’t listened to me and didn’t know my baby, his personality and his needs. So this is when I became obsessed with the world of baby sleep. To cut a long story short, I eventually sorted out my baby's sleep when he was well past a year...and I made a frustrating muddle of it that wasn't helpful for him or my husband and me. When he started sleeping better I set to work training to become a certified Maternity, Infant and Child Sleep Consultant with the International Maternity and Parenting Institute. My training combined with my own experiences and beliefs have fuelled my unique approach to sleep coaching. My style is holistic; non-judgemental; gentle; respectful to the child; mindful of the parents; and above all bespoke and personalised, always.

Ps. Note the photo of my little one - beautifully wide awake - I have about two photos of him asleep...seriously, he NEVER slept!

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