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Happy Mothers' Day!

Happy Mothers' day to all the lovely Mummies out there, with a special mention for mine :) This is my third year of being a Mum for Mothers' day but I still mainly think of it as a day for my own Mum. When I was little there was nothing my Mum couldn't fix for me and that's still the same today. She's always there to talk to and to help me when I need her and nothing is too much trouble (even when she's clearly exhausted and falling asleep 10 minutes into 'call the midwife'). My Mum is also a wonderful Grandmother (we call her Grandmumsy) to my little boy and he clearly loves her, and her homemade jam tarts, very much. Thank you lovely Mummy :)

I hope all you lovely Mummies out there have a wonderful Mothers' Day xx

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